Security Top Priority For Kagame at AU Summit

President Paul Kagame arrived in Ethiopias capital Addis Ababa Thursday for the 24th ordinary session of the African Union.

The Summit is scheduled for 30th-31st January and the Rwandan leader had earlier said Security would be top on his agenda.

The AU Summit will be held under the theme: “Women Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s agenda 2063”.

On January 17, Kagame said Rwanda wants Peace and Security be priority issues to dominate discussions.

He said Integration of Africa’s regional blocs will not be possible without peace and security.

“As we integrate regionally, we want to keep integrating Africa. It’s about development but it’s not allowing having lack of peace and security…then development is not taking shape as it should be and in real sense means integration,” he said.

President Kagame on Arrival in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
President Kagame (L) on Arrival in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia



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