Bodies of Two Rwandan Citizen Killed in Uganda Handed over at Gatuna/Katuna Border

Ugandan officials have this afternoon handed over two bodies of Rwandan citizens who were killed in Uganda recently.

Bodies were handed over by Kabare district officials to Gicumbi district officials in Cyumba sector.

Victims are two men including Theoneste Dusabimana 52, who hails from Kiriba village, Muhambo cell of Cyumba sector.

He was allegedly killed on August 30,201.

Another one is Paul Bangirana 47, from Cyasaku village, Bangirana cell of Kaniga sector who was killed on September 2.

According to our sources, the two were formally living and conducting business in Uganda.

In a recent interview at Public Broadcasting, President Paul Kagame told the media, that Rwanda’s relations with its neighbors are improving, except with Uganda.

Uganda continued to mistreat Rwandans in a way the president said, is becoming an official policy.

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