STEMpower USA To Open More Centers of Excellence In Rwanda, Sub-Saharan Africa

Israel Ambassador to Rwanda, Dr. Ron Adam contributed to the coming of STEMpower in Rwanda./Courtesy Photo

STEMpower USA in collaboration with Israel Embassy will unveil a total of eight Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centers of excellence in Rwanda before the end of 2022, to boost the country’s development goals.

These STEM centers will be set-up by STEMpower USA- a non-governmental organization advancing STEM education and FabLabs for students and youth across Rwanda within academic institutions, in collaboration with Israel Embassy in Rwanda. Similar centres will be set up by the organisation in different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The centers will be opened in high learning institutions. They will benefit university students as well as students at the surrounding secondary schools who are pursuing STEM-related studies.

The project to birth after Ambassador Adam approached US-born Jewish businessman and philanthropist, Mark Gelfand, and interested him to work in Rwanda with the aim of helping students in developing countries access quality STEM education.

University students doing hands-on experiment at the first STEM center inaugurated in May this year, at the University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology (UR-CST)

Gelfand, who is also an author, programmer, engineer and investor, has since picked interest to work in Rwanda.

Following the conversation, one STEM center was established in University of Rwanda- College of Science and Technology (UR-CST) in May this year.

The plan is to establish three more centers before this year ends. It is expected that four additional STEM centers will be set-up across the country next year, but the precise location is yet to be determined,” Ambassador Adam said on November 22, 2021.

University students doing hands-on experiment at the first STEM center inaugurated in May this year, at the University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology (UR-CST)

The three centers to be established soon will be located in INES Ruhengeri (Musanze District), Kibogora Polytechnic (Nyamasheke District), and Rukara College of Education (Kayonza District).

The envoy said that there are no precise numbers of beneficiaries of these facilities because they will be varying depending on the location and proximity of the established center.

In a local radio talk show this weekend, Amb. Adam revealed that each of the centers will cost about $80,000 and all the needed equipment for installation is already in the country waiting to be set up.

The idea to establish STEM centers will boost Rwanda’s vision to become a middle income nation by 2050 as suggested in the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1).

Mentorship Hub Next

Adam also revealed that together with an organization called Rwanda We Want, the embassy plans this month to open a Rwanda Mentorship Hub that will equip young Rwandans with leadership skills.

“When I say leadership, it is the possibility for some to take a risk, think outside the box and mainly have self confidence. That is what we will teach in the hub, because it is what you need here,” Adam said in the talkshow.

The envoy said that his love for Rwanda is what drives him and will do anything to support Rwanda to rebrand itself.

Girls in a science lab. Rwanda is putting STEM at the core of education for future development

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