Kagame Declares War Against Corrupt Officials

After it emerged billions of Rwandan francs have mysteriously dissappered during implementation of several government projects, President Paul Kagame’s government has declared war against the corrupt officials involved.
The just concluded National Leadership Retreat, chaired by President Kagame, has drawn 16 major resolutions and on top of the list is that stalled projects be established and a list of suspected officials involved be submitted to prosecution.

Even those suspected of complicity and cover-ups will be investigated and punished.
Below are the 16 resolutions

1. Investigate suspects: Make a list of stalled government projects, establish deadlines for their completion and report projects with suspicion of corruption, as well as those stalled due to leaders’ irresponsibility, to the prosecution for investigation.

2. Assemble acomplices: Share information and break the networking and complicity in corruption cases to end the culture of covering up corrupt officials.

3. Initiate legal procedures against officials involved in embezzlement and misappropriation of funds meant to be used for programmes improving citizens’ welfare, notably the Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP), Ubudehe, Girinka as well as for the health care system.

4. Find markets for maize production from the first phase of the Agricultural Season A 2015 and search for market opportunities for other Crop Intensification Programme products – alongside sustainable farming mechanism. The Ministry of Trade and Industry will play a leading role in value addition and in promoting the trade and production of agricultural and animal husbandry products.

5. Empower districts to implement management and maintenance of rural water supply projects.

6. Complete comprehensive preparations for water supply projects to facilitate investment in the sector, review the cost of water, taking into consideration the actual production cost and the beneficiaries’ purchasing power, and allocate enough funding for water supply projects.

7. Empower districts to implement master plans and establish guidelines for land use in towns.

8.Review land location tariffs for effective land use and management.

9. Facilitate investors in low cost housing through the provision of basic infrastructure such as water, roads and electricity.

10. Review the health care system, the cost of medical services and harmonise the cooperation of hospitals and health insurance companies.

11. Increase efforts in malaria prevention activities especially in the distribution of mosquito bed nets and drugs, clearing bushes around households, spraying anti mosquito insecticides, and studying the feasibility of bed nets factory in Rwanda.

12. Reform service delivery for specialised medical services.

13. Conduct maintenance of Shyira Hospital by providing the hospital with the required materials, staff as well as electricity.

14. Fight women and child abuse wherever they might happen by all possible means including sanctions against bystanders and accelerate the establishment of One Stop Centres in all districts.

15. Increase infrastructure for conference tourism, the maintenance of museums and grow tourist destinations to attract more tourists for longer stays in Rwanda.

16. Strengthen the Rwanda Convention Bureau through sharing timely information on planned conferences so that it can liaise with the Private Sector Federation in promoting conference tourism.

Kagame challenges the military and police over their revolutionary stance while corruption eats into the government they serve.
Kagame challenges the military and police over their revolutionary stance while corruption eats into the government they serve.

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