EAC Dangles A Carrot In Front Of Nkurunziza

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza is once again put to test, on whether to attend or not attend a regional meeting to resolve Burundi crisis.

On May 13, when Nkurunziza joined is counterparts in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to attend the 13th Extra Ordinary Summit of Heads of State of East African Community, the former spy chief, Maj. Gen Godfroid Niyombare declared a coup that lasted for two days.

Nkurunziza stayed in Tanzania for two days as his army successfully took back the presidency in a bloody fight.

Since then, violence has escalated and several critics murdered as he seeks re-election for the third time, which critics say violates the constitution and the Arusha peace deal that ended an ethnically fueled civil war that ended in 2005.

Now, this Sunday, the East African community heads of states will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis.

This, observers say, is bait. Chances that he will attend are so slim. And if he does not attend, he loses the chance to make a case in front of his peers, who have strongly criticized his insistence to seek re-election.

His Spokesman, Gervais Abayeho, said his country will be represented; “it is too soon to know who the representative would be.”

Several African peers have advised Nkurunziza not to pursue his third term bid in return for Burundi’s peace.

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki said a week ago that, “if Nkurunziza doesn’t give up 3rd term ambition, he’ll drag the country back into war.”

President Paul Kagame has also strongly condemned the violence in Burundi and said, “If your own citizens tell you we don’t want you to do this or to lead us, it is because they are saying you are not delivering much to us.”

“So how do you say I am staying anyway whether you want me or not?” Kagame added.


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