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Rwanda Music School to Introduce New Courses
November,27 2019 Gentil Gedeon Ntirenganya Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_45113" align="alignnone" width="698"] Graduation at Nyundo School of Art and Music[/caption] You were probably born in the 60s – 70s or way earlier, and the idea of the music you have, the best artists of your time are no longer. The music industry in Rwanda has however resurrected and is now offering the best…
Kigali: Chelsea Fans Warm Up for A Walk with Didier Drogba
October,09 2019 Gentil Gedeon Ntirenganya Comments(0)

Supporters of Chelsea in Rwanda (Chelsea FC Kigali Official Supporters) have scheduled a 30 minute walk with the former renowned full striker Didier Drogba as a way of welcoming him. Ivorian veteran footballer, Drogba is one of the main speakers at this year’s Youth Connect Africa slated to take place in Kigali-Rwanda from 9-11th October.…
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