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Leah Karegeya Interview is Clearest Sign Uganda Carrying Water for RNC
April,14 2019 Grace Kamugisha Comments(0)

Reading through the interview of Leah Karegeya – widow of Patrick Karegeya who died on New Year’s Day in Johannesburg – in the New Vision newspaper, it becomes clear that Rwanda National Congress’s (RNC) propaganda war on Rwanda has moved into Uganda’s mainstream media. The interview, published yesterday, Saturday April 13, can be exposed as…
Museveni is a Congenital Liar – Says Ugandan Human Rights Activist
March,27 2019 Grace Kamugisha Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_34975" align="alignnone" width="633"] Prof. Kiwanuka calls Museveni (pictured) a congenital liar. File photo[/caption] In 1995, Lawrence Kiwanuka who was partially involved in Uganda’s politics in Democratic Party (DP), fled the country after multiple threats by government forces. He currently lives in New York – United States of America and works as Professor of Government…
Tags: Rwanda-Uganda Relations
Museveni Letter Is A Bag of Comical, Yet Sad Contradictions
March,20 2019 Grace Kamugisha Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_34745" align="alignnone" width="999"] Museveni confirms he met Mukankusi(top right corner) and reveals much more[/caption] Almost everyone that has ever interacted with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has called him dishonest, dubious, scheming, and, “a completely dishonorable man”. Even the man that was Museveni’s guardian as a boy, the late Boniface Byanyima, basically called him a…
Tags: Rwanda-Uganda Relations
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