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Kwita Izina: Men, Women Who Dedicated their Life to Gorillas Celebrated
September,25 2020 Jean de la Croix Tabaro Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_44065" align="alignnone" width="1900"] Gorilla Silverback[/caption] The 16th Gorilla Naming Ceremony -'Kwita Izina' in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, was an event everyone was wondering how it would unfold. Kwita Izina is the annual ceremony to name newly born baby gorillas and this year, 24 babies were named including 15 baby boys and…
Tags: Latestnews, Tourism
Kagame Says No Country Has Ever Achieved True Gender Equality
September,23 2020 Jean de la Croix Tabaro Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_58517" align="alignnone" width="800"] Car Free day in Kigali[/caption] Some countries, like Iceland, are known for promoting Gender equality and three nordic neighbors including Norway, Finland, and Sweden have been on top in Global Gender Gap Index, which benchmarks countries according to how close they are to reaching gender equality. Rwanda, among a few other…
Tags: President Paul Kagame
Rwanda Retains Position Among Cheap Internet Countries
September,20 2020 Jean de la Croix Tabaro Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_46568" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Internet provided through a router[/caption] Rwanda has been ranked 11th among the cheapest countries in sub- Saharan Africa and 64th globally out of countries with the cheapest internet prices. The ranking ¬†was released by this weekend by Cable- a UK based internet and broadband research and monitoring venture which conducted its…
Tags: Internet, Latestnews
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