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How A Stranger Trashed Teenager’s Dream to Become A Policewoman
April,05 2021 Jean de la Croix Tabaro Comments(0)

Five years ago, Janvière Uwimana (not real name) from Nyaruguru district traveled to Kigali to pay a visit to her relatives and this was not the first time. She was 17 years old then. One fateful morning, the family sent her for some shopping at an adjacent kiosk when a man called her while on…
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Easter Sunday: Jesus Died and Rose Again But World Remains In Uncertainties
April,04 2021 Jean de la Croix Tabaro Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_64546" align="alignnone" width="758"] Children flock to Pope Francis during Good Friday service. Photo CNN[/caption] The world has today celebrated Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ after crucifixion at Calvary by the Romans on Holy Friday nearly two millenniums ago. More than 1.3 billion Christians from the catholic church are joined by millions of…
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