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Dream Boyz’s Nemeye Platini Says I Do
March,06 2021 KT Press Reporter Comments(0)

Former Dream Boyz member Nemeye Platini is not single anymore; from this Saturday, he is officially married to Olivia Ingabire, a university student. Their civil wedding took place at Remera sector this morning with key witnesses being celebrated producer Clement Ishimwe and Nathalie Munyampenda, the CEO of Kepler. Platini is one of the few musicians…
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Ericsson Report Charts Smarter Ports with 5G Private Networks
March,03 2021 KT Press Reporter Comments(0)

Ericsson has released its new Connected Ports report, outlining smart use cases that can optimize port operations, create new cost reductions, increase worker safety and sustainability using private cellular technology.  Ports and shipping are vital for a well-functioning global economy. According to the World Bank, in 2019, trade represented more than 60 percent of the global…
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