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If Belgium Can Arrange A Fake Flight, Can’t Rwanda?
May,07 2021 KT Press Reporter Comments(0)

A new UN human rights report gives Rwanda a failing grade. At the same time, the case of the kidnapped Paul Rusesabagina continues to stir. Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta reacts to the criticism. The case of Paul Rusesabagina continues to weigh on Belgian-Rwandan relations, writes The Standard Friday  07 May 2021, Page 16 and…
Tags: Latestnews, Rusesabagina
Deal Done – Farmers Commend Silvopastoralism at Gishwati-Mukura National Park Settings
May,07 2021 KT Press Reporter Comments(0)

 A couple of decades ago, it was not that easy to find a single tree in the rangelands around Gishwati-Mukura National Park. This was not only a problem to farmers in the area, but also a big threat to the park which they were invading in search of ethno drugs of their livestock. Since 2015,…
Tags: Big-story, Environment
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