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Skating Meets Love In Habyarimana’s Young Family
November,11 2020 Plaisir Muzogeye Comments(0)

26 years ago, Abdul Karim Habyarimana 35, saw skating on television and picked an interest; he loved it but, did not know where to start from, much as in his native land-Burundi, the sport was little known. The following morning, Habyarimana, now the father of two, switched on the same television channel and decided to…
Tags: Big-story
Happy Fathers’ Day
June,21 2020 Plaisir Muzogeye Comments(0)

A message from the Ministry of Gender and Family promotion this morning goes like "Happy #FathersDay to all dads out there!" The message further reads: "We commend their valuable contribution in ensuring positive parenting to children. As we celebrate this day; we call upon all men/boys to continue playing a role in building a resilient…
A Virtual Tour of Remera-Giporoso, Gisimenti Under the Lockdown
April,30 2020 Plaisir Muzogeye Comments(0)

This is the road to Kigali International Airport(KIA). A few travellers have plied this road since a couple of weeks because flights were suspended, and local traffic suspended as part of COVID-19 lockdown. As of beauty, the road, like the whole city, does not disappoint; even the regular commuters will always admire them, how about…
10 Most Eye Catching Churches of Kigali
February,04 2018 Plaisir Muzogeye Comments(2)

[caption id="attachment_21605" align="alignnone" width="1500"] Bethesda Church[/caption] Kigali, the capital of Rwanda has recently claimed the name of Smart city, adding on the already reality of the green/clean city. Apparently, the beauty of the city is cutting across as government, religious institutions and Private people are all erecting magnificent buildings. For sometime, the attention has been…
Rwandan Celebrities and the Cars They Drive
January,24 2018 Plaisir Muzogeye Comments(2)

You could have seen them several times on the pitch and on stage, but you have probably never seen how they roll around Kigali roads. Well, the lens of our camera has captured some of your favorite celebrities behind the wheels. 1.Butera Knowless The Wari Uri He star and spouse to producer Clement Ishimwe prefers…
Tags: Local Music
Fanfare Reception for ‘La Tropicale’ Champion, Team Rwanda
January,23 2018 Plaisir Muzogeye Comments(0)

For the last four years, without interruption, cycling has proved to be the source of happiness for Rwandans, compared to other sports. After claiming yellow jersey for all that period every year in the home competition - Tour du Rwanda which has grown to become continental, the young riders have now won La Tropicale Amisa…
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