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American Academic Spitting Mad Due to British Journalist’s Book on Genocide Denialism
September,30 2020 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

A US academic, Susan Thomson has weighed in on the arrest of Paul Rusesabagina with a lengthy piece of writing that is titled “how not to write about the Rwandan genocide.”  Thomson – whose bio says she is an Associate Professor of peace and conflict studies at Colgate University – first slams Kigali for arresting…
Tags: 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi
Why The New York Times Got It Wrong On the Rusesabagina Story
September,23 2020 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_58339" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Paul Rusesabagina in court, September 17[/caption] When I read The New York Times’ big article on the arrest of Paul Rusesabagina last Friday, I did so through the lenses of a student and practitioner of journalism. The piece breaches so many of what’s taught about professional ethics I truly was astonished.…
Tags: Rusesabagina
Stand Up, and clap! Rwanda’s Achievements Are Becoming Africa’s
January,02 2020 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

It was a decade when Rwanda did great things. Of course when we say such and such an entity “did great things”, it is relative. Did great as compared to what? Did Rwanda send someone into outer space? No. Did we beat the world to a cure for cancer? Not at all. But the achievements…
Some Mindsets We Must Overcome as Our New Year’s Resolutions…
December,12 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_11010" align="alignnone" width="659"] Made in Rwanda products exhibition in Kigali[/caption] Suddenly a lot of Rwandan manufacturers are smiling all the way to the bank! They have a lot of local customers streaming to their products who used to go for Ugandan brands. Now that the Ugandan competition currently is out of the picture, local…
Rwanda: Good PR? Yes, But We Don’t Sell Fire Extinguishers!
December,03 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_37545" align="alignnone" width="800"] Kigali, the Cleanest city of Afirca[/caption] I am intrigued every time I read somewhere that “Rwanda has a good image because of good PR.” A lot of that has been coming up lately, on social media like Twitter or Facebook. Obviously these good people are unhappy at all the adulation that’s…
Rwanda: The Way We Were Then and The Way We Are Now
November,19 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

I’ve watched, fascinated, as Rwanda has forged itself a new identity over the past two and a half decades. I like to simplify the timeline; break it down into mini eras – moments in time one may term landmarks along the journey that’s led to this new identity of ours. It wasn’t that long ago…
The Myth Of Unromantic, Unfriendly, Obedient, Secretive, Reserved Rwandan
November,12 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

Stereotypes and clichés. They are quite interesting things. And we Rwandans have been saddled with more than our fair share of them, I tend to think. “Rwandans are secretive!” it is claimed. A Rwandan will be plotting to do something, for quite a period time and nobody will ever have an idea what the guy…
How Messrs. Trump and Johnson are Demystifying the West
November,05 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

  What is this thing happening in the United States? Or this other (similar) thing that’s taking place in the United Kingdom!? For a long time we were told that the best ways, in each and every sphere of life originate in the West – the US and Europe. The West has the best institutions,…
Stepp’d in Blood, A Book Review: If an Akazu Member Killed You, or Took Your Wife by Force…
October,29 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

What would a woman do if a big government official braked his vehicle beside her as she walked, and he told her to get into the car, drove off, then forced her to sleep with him? And what would the cuckolded husband think? That kind of thing was common in the days of the Habyarimana…
Tito Mboweni’s Tweets on Rwanda Amuse, They Also Teach A Lot
October,22 2019 Shyaka Kanuma Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_42886" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Kigali Arena[/caption] Of all the Twitter threads one may see, few will be more amusing than what results when South African Finance Minister Tito Mboweni starts a conversation about Rwanda, or its capital Kigali. Mboweni will tweet something like: “off to beautiful Kigali”, with a photograph of him in a business…
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