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Milk, An Essential Source of Nutrition, Or Just Great PR?
October,17 2021 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_69870" align="alignnone" width="720"] Mukabonera Beatrice from Rwamagana district, milking her Girinka cow[/caption] A cherubic child, the very picture of health, holding a cup of milk, looking into the camera, with contended innocence. It is an image etched on mothers’ minds, the world over, but is milk really essential for the health of children? The…
Tags: Big-story, Food And Drugs
Visit Rwanda? Gladly, Says the World, As UCI Road Championship Comes To Africa
October,13 2021 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_65367" align="aligncenter" width="924"] Riders in action during Tour du Rwanda. UCI chose Rwanda for 2025 world race[/caption] Much of the credit goes to the fans, as Rwanda becomes the first African city, to host the UCI Road World Championship 2025.   The flagship event for cycling, has never been held in Africa, in its 100…
Tags: Latestnews, Tour Du Rwanda
Does The EU Parliament Pervert Its Values, In Defence of Rusesabagina?
October,09 2021 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_63188" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Rusesabagina and his lawyers Gatera Gashabana and Felix Rudakemwa in a previous court appearance.[/caption] A number of honourable members of the European Parliament, never overweighed with work, at the best of times, seem to have found a new cause, Paul Rusesabagina. No sooner had the Rwanda courts convicted Rusesabagina on charges…
Tags: Latestnews, Rusesabagina
Three Faces of Rusesabagina, Western Media Myths And Lessons for Rwanda
October,06 2021 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

In the case against Rusesabagina, Western media reaction to his sentencing has been woefully predictable. Tattered cliches, worn stereotypes, and attacks against Rwanda, were once again, preferred for informed analysis of the case. It is worth reflecting that what we lump together as ‘Western media,’ is of course individual journalists and different media houses, some…
Tags: Latestnews, Rusesabagina
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