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Know Your Cat Family: A Leopard Is Mourned, But A Serval Cat Died
September,24 2020 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

It caught the imagination of many, a family trapped indoors, staying clear of an uninvited visitor, believed to have been a Leopard. But not all spotted cats are Leopards. It had all begun in the early hours of a Friday, just over a week ago, on 11th September. Alexis Ndayambaje a resident of Mukura in…
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God Slows The Setting of The Sun For Garima and Time Travel To 2013
September,20 2020 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

 It cast a deadly pall on the Chinese ‘Chunjie’ or Lunar New Year, to say the least, and nine months later, Ethiopians had to project their voices through face masks, while keeping physical distances of at least a metre and a half, as they sang and danced, in celebration of their ‘Enkutatash’ or New Year.…
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