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Covid-19: What The World Lost In The China Blame Game
January,12 2021 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

It is now a year, since Chinese authorities officially reported to the World Health Organisation, about a new, yet to be understood epidemic. Some would now seek to hold China culpable for the spread of the virus. But did the world in fact spurn a rare chance that China offered, to pool resources, and face…
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Tags: Coronavirus, Latestnews
The UN Group of Experts: Giving Succour To Enemies of Peace?
January,11 2021 Vincent Gasana Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_10718" align="aligncenter" width="680"] FDLR Combatants at one of their Bases in Congo. Rwanda and DRC have worked closely to end insecurity where the UN has failed for decades.[/caption] Two heads of state, in a region that has known all too little peace, begin to navigate their way through an antagonistic past, to a state…
Tags: Rwanda-DRC Relations
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