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Rwandan Teachers Scholarship: Who Qualifies?
October,21 2021 Williams Buningwire Comments(0)

Rwanda has established scholarships that will facilitate primary and secondary school teachers to pursue further studies, after serving a particular period of time. In this arrangement, primary teachers who graduated from Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) will teach for three years to qualify for the scholarship for Bachelor’s degree at University of Rwanda (UR)’s college of…
Tags: Big-story, Education
Nearly 10,000 Students Miss The First Week
October,20 2021 Williams Buningwire Comments(0)

[caption id="attachment_64299" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Students of St. Andre - Kigali in a social activity. Many students are yet to report to their schools[/caption] The National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA) says a total of 9,900 students did not report to school since the start of academic year 2021/22 which commenced on October 11. Explaining the…
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Huye Campus: Half of UR Students Affected by Vision Empairement
October,18 2021 Williams Buningwire Comments(0)

Eye care specialists have said that young people could be on the onset of common eyesight problems. The warning comes after 218 students from University of Rwanda (UR), Huye campus were tested to see their status on vision. Samples taken between October 12-14 indicated that out of that sample, 118 students(equivalent to 54.1%) have vision impairments.…
Tags: Education, Latestnews
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