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Goodbye 2016!!



2016: 15 Years of Engaging, Educating, Empowering Communities with Imbuto Foundation

This year, Imbuto Foundation marked its 15th anniversary. For over a decade, the foundation has supported and empowered thousands of …
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In 2016 the World Flocked to Rwanda to Decide Future

Rwanda has received important meetings, hosting important people like never before. It makes sense because the country was also ready …
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2016 – Thousands of Kids Out of School, Hundreds of Officials in Trouble

$1.4m for Girinka While Rwandans celebrated festive seasons with new resolutions for 2017, some, mostly the needy, kept praising Rwanda …
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2016 Took Them Away

And as the year comes to end, we look back at some of the people that have left a big …
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2016: 48 New Mining Licences Despite Falling Global Prices, Cable Car On Course

2016 will be memorable in Rwandan investment sector for it has been a year that saw groundbreaking and inauguration of …
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2016 – Challenging The Rulebook

Extraditions Rwanda’s Justice Sector had an extra-ordinary year 2016. One of the most memorable events is twin of extradition. For …
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2016 – A Revolutionary Year in the Energy Sector

The year 2016 was ground breaking for Rwanda’s energy sector. KT Press reviews major deals that shaped the year to …
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