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Rwanda Introduces Kiswahili in Curriculum

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:08 am

Rwanda has introduced Kiswahili language into the national curriculum and added on the list of official languages.

The subject will be taught in senior one to three effective 2016.

Kiswahili is an official language for the East African Community with over 120 million people including Rwanda as a member state.

English is the language of instruction while French, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili will remain subjects taught separately.

By introducing Kiswahili into the country’s education system, “We want to remove communication boundaries among Rwandans as we enforce regional integration,” says Joyce Musabe, Head of Curriculum Development at Rwanda Education Board (REB).

Kiswahili is intended to increase communication with Rwandas neighbors, thus strengthening trade between communities of the region.

Kiswahili is the official language for Kenya and Tanzania, and a national language for  Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Rwanda, the language will also be taught in arts, in combination with other courses.

Professor Laurent Nkusi, a linguist and a Senator this will help Rwandans who wish to do trade with neighbors, and those who want to reside in regional countries where Kiswahili is spoken.

He also believes the language will promote togetherness within East Africa.

“Rwandans will learn it so quickly. It is a bantou language, like Kinyarwanda,” he said.

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