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‘Rwanda Day’ Mobilizes 33,000 Diaspora For National Development

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President Paul Kagame at previous Rwanda Day event

President Paul Kagame at previous Rwanda Day event

All roads are headed to The Netherlands as Rwandan Diaspora in Europe arrive for what has become known as ‘Rwanda Day.’ President Paul Kagame will be the biggest guest in town.

From October 3rd to 4th, Kagame will be meeting more than 4,000 Rwandans in Diaspora and friends of Rwanda, living in the Netherlands and around Europe to celebrate the country’s progress.

High on the agenda will be discussions on how the Diaspora takes part in the country’s rapid social-economic transformation.

The event, the 11th organized since 2011, is considered as a suitable platform for the government and Rwandans in Diaspora to interact.

Joel Ndoli Pierre, Director of the Office of the Government Spokesperson, said since Rwanda Day began, more than 33,000 Rwandans in Diaspora have been mobilized to take part in nation building.

Thousands of Rwandans who attended previous events, especially those living in North America, got to know about investment opportunities in their country and many have since made substantial investments back home.

With an audio-visual exhibition showcasing Rwanda’s journey, participants are taken through an in depth understanding of the steps that continue to shape the country.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Jean Pierre Karabaranga told KT Press: “The gathering serves as a time to reconnect with Rwanda’s history, learn about the Rwanda of today and be an integral part of defining Rwanda’s future.”

Meanwhile, there will be several items on the agenda.

The Rwandan Embassy in The Hague and Rwanda Development Board will organize, together with the Netherlands Africa Business Council, the Rwanda Business Matchmaking Event on Friday October 2, 2015.

The first counsellor to the embassy, Robert Kayinamura said the event will take place at the KIT in Amsterdam, which was founded in 1910 as the ‘Colonial Institute’ to study the tropics and to promote trade and industry.

Part of Kagame’s entourage, according to a communiqué from the Embassy, includes CEOs and other business representatives of 300 Rwandan companies who expressed special interest in meeting the Dutch private sector.

With 7.5% growth, and an economy that has expanded more than ten-fold in just 10 years, there will be a lot to celebrate.

Rwanda Day Facts

Five Facts about Rwanda Day

  • The first Rwanda Day was held in 2010 in Brussels – Belgium.
  • Rwanda Day has been held in Belgium, Chicago, Paris, London, Boston, Toronto Atlanta and Dallas.
  • Since Rwanda Day was launched, the events have been attended by over 20,000 people.
  • Rwanda Day is attended by Rwandans living abroad, friends of the country, the President and senior leaders from the public and private sectors.
  • Rwanda Day 2015 will be held on October 3rd in the Netherlands.

Facts about Rwanda Day Dallas – May 2014

  • Rwanda Day in Dallas held on 23 May 2015.
  • The Rwanda Day Dallas was the first edition of the Rwanda Youth Forum.
  • Rwanda Day Dallas brought together hundreds of youth to reflect on Rwanda’s achievement to date and the role of the youth in Rwanda’s journey yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Important Quotes from Rwanda Day Dallas #Youth4Rwanda

  • “Nothing should make you think that your identity and background is inferior. You are as important and relevant as anyone else.” -President Paul Kagame
  • “Being Rwandan gives us a sense of belonging. It’s not a geographical issue to be able to identify with your origins.” -President #Kagame
  • “Instead of asking for more, let’s work out how to use what we have to go to the next level.” – Ephraim Rwamwenge
  • “Being Rwandan is about self-reliance and resilience and not letting our past define who we are.” -Charity Kabango #Youth4Rwanda
  • “For me, being Rwandan is about contributing to the direction of our country.” – Entrepreneur Ephraim Rwamwenge #Youth4Rwanda
  • “Being Rwandan is a blessing and I’m so proud to be Rwandan.” -Presidential Scholar Aloys Zunguzungu #Youth4Rwanda

Facts about Rwanda Day Atlanta – September 2014

  • Rwanda Day in Atlanta was held on 20 September 2014.
  • The theme of Rwanda Day Toronto was ‘Agaciro: Our choice’.
  • Rwanda Day Atlanta was the celebration of 20 years of liberation, the country’s progress, find solutions to our challenges and build the dignified nation we deserve through 3 choices: Staying Together | Being Accountable | Thinking Big

“Think big, think beyond yourself contribute to the wellbeing of your neighbour the same way he/she contributes to yours.” – President Paul Kagame

Facts about Rwanda Day Toronto – September 2013

  • Rwanda Day in Toronto was held on 28 September 2013.
  • Over 3,000 Rwandans and friends of the country attended Rwanda Day in Toronto, Canada.
  • The theme of Rwanda Day Toronto was ‘Agaciro: Investing in our future’.
  • Rwanda Day Toronto included a panel titled “Investing in our Future” where Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda from various sectors shared stories of social and economic investment in the country.

“We must ask ourselves what kind of Rwandan we want to be. We believe in being Rwandans defined by dignity in a safe and prosperous nation.” – President Paul Kagame
Facts about Rwanda Day London – May 2013

  • Rwanda Day in London was held on 18 May 2013
  • Three thousand Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from across Europe, North
  • America and Africa gathered in London to celebrate Rwanda Day.
  • Rwanda Day in London was the fourth edition of the event and was themed “Agaciro: Delivering Prosperity”.

“Our history has taught us that we must be the solutions to our challenges and determine our destiny. What Africans should have in common is not the burden of dependency but the solution of self-reliance.” – President Paul Kagame
Facts about Rwanda Day Boston – September 2012

  • Rwanda Day in Boston was held from 21-22 September 2012.
  • Thousand Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from across North America gathered at the Westin Copley Hotel to celebrate Rwanda Day in Boston.
  • The theme of Rwanda Day Boston was “Agaciro, The Journey Continues…”

“It should be a source of pride that we are able to drive our development, that we belong to a country of dignified people, that we have a definite identity as Rwandans.” – President Paul Kagame
Facts about Rwanda Day Paris – September 2011

  • Rwanda Day in Paris was held on 11 September 2011.
  • Over 3700 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda welcomed President Kagame to Paris for Rwanda Day.
  • The theme of Rwanda Day Paris was ‘Generation Dignity. Destination Prosperity’.

“Today’s Rwanda and tomorrow’s Rwanda is this Rwanda of equal opportunity that ensures that those less fortunate are not left behind but are part of our development”. – President Kagame
Facts about Rwanda Day Chicago – June 2011

  • Rwanda Day in Chicago was held on 10 June 2011.
  • Thousands of Rwandans and friends of Rwanda gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago to celebrate Rwanda Day 2011, themed ‘Agaciro. Our Heritage. Our Future.’
  • Rwanda Day Chicago brought together Rwandans living in North American as well as representatives from Rwanda and Europe.

“Our democracy, our quest for transformation provides us with the desire, the energy to give ourselves that dignity. When we give our citizens access to health, education, food security, tools of communications…there is no basis for any accusations. No one can teach us about the importance of human rights…we know it more than anyone.” – President Kagame

Facts about Rwanda Day Brussels – December 2010

  • Rwanda Day in Brussels was held on 4 December 2010.
  • Nearly 2,700 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda braved sub-zero temperatures, and travelled for hours to meet President Kagame.
  • Rwanda Day Brussels gathering served as a time to reconnect with Rwanda’s history, learn about the Rwanda of today and how to be an integral part of defining Rwanda’s future.

“As Rwandans, we have to believe in our own worth, and not expect to get this as a gift from someone else. People who do not value themselves cannot achieve development; we have seen this in the past in our country and on our continent,” – President Kagame