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Nespresso Offering Rwandan Coffee As Its Specialty

by Patrick Bigabo
2:13 pm


From Lake Kivu region, Rwanda’s aromatic Arabica coffee has made it to the shelves of Nespresso, the world’s  pioneer and reference for highest quality portioned premium coffee.

Nespresso’s franchise in USA, dealing in luxury coffee, said Rwandan coffee has been released among its first 2016 limited editions branded as Umutima Wa Lake Kivu Rwanda.

The firm is packaging the coffee in capsules. Coffee lovers need not to measure in spoons or brew the extract. The well prepared coffee is a single use capsule and easily consumed.

“Rwandan coffee and Nespresso, a good relationship, a must taste!,”Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister twitted.

The capsules keeps the coffee from light and air. It remains fresh and flavored all the time.

The capsule is popped into a machine with ease. Only water is added and a cup of delicious coffee is served that simply.

According to Nespresso,  Umutima Wa Lake Kivu Rwanda, is priced from between $13.99 (Rwf10,500) and $45.99 (Rwf34,500) per capsule.

Umutima means ‘heart’ in Kinyarwanda, the national language.

This new release from Rwandan coffee, Nespresso says is to “Celebrate the dedication to coffee cultivation by the farmers in coffee growing communities of Lake Kivu, Rwanda.”

Nespresso, also a brand name of Nestlé Nespresso, an operating unit of the Swiss firm, Nestlé Group, only sources exceptional coffees that are rigorously selected and tested to satisfy the most demanding taste.

Only 1% to 2% of the world’s coffee production meets the high standards of quality set by Nespresso.

To achieve such unwavering standards, Nespresso says it continually tests and selects the world’s highest grade coffee crops and also works closely with farmers to produce premium beans using sustainable methods.

Selected coffees are harvested by hand, fermented and dried in the sun. Nespresso prefers naturally processed coffee beans.

Umutima wa lake Kivu is marketed as a “highly aromatic and refreshing union of fluid texture with bright, juicy fruit notes, enhanced by a delicate aftertaste.”

Rwandan Umutima wa lake Kivu  has been released jointly with Tanim de Chiapas from Mexico as Nespresso’s first 2016 limited editions.

Nespresso created a fancy design to accompany Umutima wa lake Kivu. The faded brown and green box features green and yellow flowers and includes 10 nice looking green capsules.