Kigali Car-Free Zone Extended to KBC, More Roads Permanently Closed

Kigali Convention Center round about is under car-free zone
Kigali Convention Center round about is under car-free zone

Kigali city authority has announced that it’s extending the car-free zone to cover some sections of the city road network ahead of the African Union summit.

Rwanda National Police said, “All roads connecting to KBC roundabout next to Kigali Convention Center, are closed.” City officials say this area will become a car-free zone. Even after AU summit. There will be road detours starting Monday through to end of AU summit.

Meanwhile, Road users from Kabindi junction will divert to the new route below Kigali Business Centre (KBC) and proceed to the new roundabout next to the Netherlands Embassy.

The public is encouraged to be patient with the inconveniences, and be welcoming to visitors, it’s for a good cause. “We’re trying to put on a great summit. Which will lead to more events which is great for our economy,” a city official said.

In other changes to traffic flow, Road users from Gishushu will deviate from the new roundabout at Ministry of Justice and use the new road connecting to Ninzi Hotel – new roundabout.

Motorists from Giporoso to the airport, Use Giporoso-Cyamitsingi and deviate to the new road and turn left in the old road.

Anyone travelling from Kanombe to Giporoso will have to switch to the new road after Gasaraba, new roundabout then connect to Cyamitsingi  and arrive at Giporoso.

Kigali is a rapidly growing city of 1.1 million residents. The city planners are aggressively establishing new roads through suburbs to get rid of traffic jams but also make the city safe for pedestrians.

In August last year when Kigali city first launched the Car-Free Zone initiative, Luben Ahimbissibwe, director of infrastructure in the city said; “We want to turn Kigali into a pedestrian-friendly city.”

He previously told KT Press that the decision to do away with city traffic was aimed at maintaining green transport and sustainability of the city.

Between July 10-18th, Rwanda will host the 27th African Union Summit expected to attract 3500 delegates including 54 heads of state.

The summit will be held under the theme; “ 2016: African Year of Human Rights, with particular focus on the Rights of Women”.

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