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Rwanda Rejects Blame for IDP Camp Bombing in Goma, DRC

by KT Press Reporter
5:48 am

The IDP camp in the outskirts of Goma, eastern DRC

The attempt by the U.S. Department of State in its statement of 4 May 2024, to immediately and without any investigation place blame on Rwanda for the loss of lives in the IDP camps, is unjustified, a statement by office of Government spokesperson reads.

This office further said, that Rwanda will not shoulder responsibility for the bombing of the IDP camps around Goma, or the security and governance failures of the government of the DRC.

Rwanda explains that warnings about the FARDC placement of heavy artillery within an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps had been issued by organizations in Goma, including Médecins Sans Frontières.

This, said the office of government spokesperson, was followed by the deadly shelling witnessed by hundreds of people including those affected, as well as the targeted, point-blank shooting of protesters in the IDP camp by the FARDC and Burundian armed forces deployed in the DRC.

Reports indicate that at least ten people were killed in this shelling.

“Credible investigation and verification should be completed first, to establish what really happened,” the statement further reads.

The office reiterated earlier government stand, that the scapegoating of Rwanda by the U.S. government for the shortcomings and wrongdoing of the DRC has become a pattern, and predictable.

“This endorses the belligerent position of the DRC government, including the FARDC’s coalition with the FDLR genocidal militia/Wazalendo/European mercenaries/SADC forces/Burundian armed forces. The position taken by the US government raises serious questions about its credibility as a facilitator in the region, and undermines its ability to play a constructive role towards a peaceful solution,” the statement further reads.

The office stated that the international community, while claiming to support regional processes towards a political solution and durable peace, has been indifferent to the dramatic military build-up in eastern DRC, armed conflict and the resulting deplorable humanitarian situation of millions of Congolese citizens.

“President Félix Tshisekedi and the Congolese leadership persistently threaten to invade Rwanda and overthrow its government by force. This is why Rwanda will continue to take measures to ensure complete defense of Rwandan territory, and take any legitimate measures to defend our country,” the Office of Government Spokesperson

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