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PSF Organizes Made in Rwanda Christmas Expo

by Kalinda Brenda
11:56 am

Local producers will be showcasing 10 best brands among other items

Brands locally produced in Rwanda are expected to dominate sales in this festive season. Dealers are gearing up to showcase their best local products at the ‘Made in Rwanda Expo’ scheduled for December 14-20.

Over 300 exhibitors from various sectors are expected to grace this tradefair.

Products ranging from construction materials; art and craft, ICT, Manufacturing-Agro processing, construction, furniture, and equipment among others will find a place in the trade fair.

But a new event is expected to draw bigger crowds to the expo, to witness how the local garment industry is emerging.

As part of Made in Rwanda expo, ten best brands will showcase and sell their latest collection in a street-style setup at the Expo grounds in Gikondo on December 16.

The Rwanda Private Sector Federation(PSF), the organizer of the trade fair hopes the event set up is such attractive that it will remain in memory of the Made in Rwanda enthusiasts.

It will take place in a round tent with 10 best brands and will include window shopping style set up, a central fashion presentation and standing models. It will even include two prizes to reward the Best Female and Male Made in Rwanda clothing.

“The Fashion Night Out has been organized by the Private Sector Federation in partnership with the government to showcase what can be produced in textile industry and how far Rwandans have gone in terms of creativity,” Eric Kabera, the PSF Head of Communications and Marketing told KT Press.

“It’s the first of its kind in Rwanda and Africa and people will be able to buy locally designed products. In other countries it’s done on streets but here it will be different because we have a well-designed area where people can sit, enjoy coffee and watch the models,” he said.
A global initiative, ‘The Fashion Night Out’ was originally created in New York in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence and boost the industry’s economy during the recession.

Since then, the event has grown in over 16 countries around the World, and is a great way to highlight fashion and support retail with exciting events that include designer’s appearances, celebrity guests and fashion presentations.

The first Made in Rwanda Expo that was held in 2015 attracted 11,000 visitors and this year they expect the number to increase bigger.