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Rwanda Open Semis ends in Straight Wins

by Daniel Sabiiti
3:40 pm

Uganda’s Duncan Mugabe

Rwanda’s sole male survivor in the battle for Rwanda Tennis Open title Olivier Havugimana has been eliminated at the semifinals stage losing two straight sets.

Early on, Havugimana had a grip on the game after ousting countryman Etienne Niyigena to glimpse at the title but today’s balls bounced in the wrong court.

Even with home support Havugimana failed to press balls against Uganda top seed Duncan Mugabe during the semis round under the sunny cloudy day in Kigali city.

Mugabe had an almost walkover game over Havugimana with 6-1, 6-2 game streak.

Lack was not all for Uganda, as the semis stage also saw Ismael Changawa mzai (Kenya) followed suite to slam David Oringa (Uganda) with a similar two set straight win on 6-1,6-2.

Rwanda held its chances of winning the Tennis Open medal on the women’s side, games counting on chances of fourth seed Gisele Umumararungu playing Aisha Niyonkuru (Burundi) this same afternoon.

Olivier Havugimana eliminated at the semifinals stage

However, Umumararungu had an equally rough afternoon as the Burundian pinned her in all corners to win 6-2, 6-2.

While Kenya’s Shufaa Changawa whipped off the Burundian Hosiana Kitambala 2-0 (6-2,6-1).

The final game will be held on Saturday. Changawi Mzai and Duncan Mugabe will go in the titans’ game where the duo will have to draw lines separating one of them from boys.

While Aisha Niyonkuru and Shufaa Changawa will also take on each other by the horns.

The 2017 edition of Rwanda Tennis Open, which is organised by the Rwanda Tennis Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Bank of Kigali and Tigo, will see the winners take home US$1000 (men) and US$1000 (women) in prize money.