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Forensic Laboratory: DNA, Paternity, Ballistics Most Expensive

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:27 am

Rwanda Forensic Laboratory

The Rwanda Forensic Laboratory (RFL) has released almost three fold reduction in prices that will be charged Rwandans seeking forensic services ranging from paternity tests, drug to alcohol tests.

This comes a week after RFL was partially inaugurated with a promise to cut down on costs of conducting forensic tests such as DNA, Ballistics, Forensic Pathology and Digital Forensics which cost government millions.

Rwanda has been sending at least 800 samples annually to Belgium, where for example, a DNA sample cost between Rwf300, 000 to Rwf600.000 and taking at least three months to return home.

A fresh price list released and approved by Lt. Col Charles Karangwa the RFL Board Chairman shows that DNA tests will be charged in two ways.

Cost for a single sample of blood, saliva and semen stain will be Rwf100, 000, while a non-express 3-sample paternity test  will be charged Rwf267,032 and an express one – Rwf427, 998 which is provided within 24 hours and a week respective of the choice of service.

An express DNA test on a scene of crime (crime stain) will stand at Rwf278,020 and in case of an additional sample one will pay Rwf142,000 and as low as Rwf89, 010 for a non-express additional test in this category.

On drug tests, the new prices will also enable Rwanda to cut on spending Rwf100 billion annually on rehabilitating drug abusers.

A presumptive test for cannabis in the body will cost as low as Rwf1,030 and adding on qualitative and quantitative test will go up to Rwf3,092 and the cheapest being test for acids with psychological effects at Rwf257 and Rwf773 for a presumptive and comprehensive test respectively.

Tests for those addicted to drugs which stimulate the central nervous system and metabolism (Amphetamine/Methamphetamine) sometime keeping on awake, energetic will be charged close to Rwf3000 for a presumptive and Rwf3, 869 for a comprehensive test.

Meanwhile, test on cocaine use will be low at Rwf644-(a presumptive test), and Rwf1, 932 (with qualitative and quantitative).

However, tests on compounds resembling opium in addictive properties or physiological effects will cost Rwf1030 and Rwf3092 –for a presumptive and comprehensive test.

Tests for sedative drugs slowing down the body’s functions – and are used for both sleeping problems and anxiety will be ranging from about Rwf560 to Rwf, 740.

The biological sample tests for toxicology in each of these areas will be slightly expensive.

For example opioids and cannabis tests will range from Rwf1200 and Rwf5000 for the presumptive and comprehensive tests, while metabolism tests will cost Rwf5772 and Rwf17, 318 and blood alcohol tests had a fixed price at Rwf78,602.

Document, Finger print tests, Ballistics

Rwandans seeking to verify authenticity of a document will pay Rwf217,560 and for a detailed analysis part will require Rwf559,440 while finger print analysis, recovery and examination will range between Rwf1000 and Rwf37,000.

For handwriting and signature analysis one will pay Rwf155, 400 and Rwf186, 480.

Ballistics will be charged Rwf43, 512 (for reports) and Rwf428, 785 for high caliber weapons, while photographs and videos will be charged Rwf80, 808 and Rwf497, 280 respectively.

ICT Gadgets

A package for computer related investigation will cost Rwf325,000, and smart phone data services which include recovery of sms, whatsapp will cost Rwf25,000 and mobile phone forensic Rwf150,000.

While this service is yet to be fully operational, carrying out a full autopsy on a dead body will cost Rwf60, 000 and body reconstruction, Rwf10, 000 for body notification (confirmation) and Rwf15000 per day for the mortuary services.

In case of doubting cause of death, the crime scene investigation will cost Rwf25, 000.