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Mock Exams: It’s All about Putting Students in Mood

by Williams Buningwire
11:22 am

Teacher at Kazo Primary School in Kamonyi district shows a student what she should have done during school quiz. Mock exams are a much bigger quiz to prepare students to national exams

National exams countdown: 11 days are left before Primary six students show what they do best at the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

The Ordinary Level (O level) and the A level exams are scheduled on November 20, 2018 which is a time to test, not only students, but also schools that have been nurturing them, preparing them to serving the country.

Every year, schools, sectors and districts where they are located prepare tests that are composed in a style of national exams, to impart confidence into students.

While parents and teachers appreciate the exercise, they advise that it should not be limited to the just testing, rather it should include also preparing them to every component of the exam, from putting their address to submitting it on time.

“For good performance of students and schools, there must be collaboration between students and teachers in preparing mock exams,” Charles Mutazihana, Principle of Kigali Paents’ School told KT Press.

However, other things that students learn during mock exams are; remembering to write Index numbers, respecting time, among others.

Mutazihana told KT Press that this year Kigali Parents’ School enrolled 245 for mocks, 90% of candidates passed in Division I while 10% were in Division II.

Jean Claude Bagizimana, a teacher at Elena Guerra High School in Huye district told KT Press that their senior three candidates start writing mocks in second term. They sit internal mocks, external mocks and national examination past papers.

“Mocks don’t mean writing papers only, candidates are supposed to be briefed on time, dressing code, supervision to mention but a few, ”Bagizimana told KT Press.

According to Innocent Zawadi, Headmaster of Bright Academy in Nyagatare district, the school attend sector mocks and district mocks.

“Bright Academy registered 40 Candidates to sit for PLE and they passed with division 1 during district mocks,” Zawadi told KT Press.

Sector and districts mocks are marked by the association of teachers, according to Zawadi.

Meanwhile, Isomo Technology Limited Ltd, an educational based company developed a website www.isomo.info which posts past national exams questionnaires and answers to help candidates prepare for the upcoming exams.