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Rwanda Searching for 60 Bright Students to Launch Coding Academy

by Williams Buningwire
5:08 pm

Rwanda Coding Academy

As more students continue to embrace general technical education, sixty young students who have scored highhly in Mathematics, Physics and English in Ordinary level exams will in January 2019 board buses for a 3-year challenging program in Nyabihu district.

With a motto ‘Born to Code’ the Rwanda Coding Academy was purposely built in Mukamira sector, Nyabihu district, Western Province due to the region’s favorable education environment – away from the distractions and a temperate climate.

“It will help students to concentrate on ICT challenging programs,” Gordon Kalema Director General in Ministry of information and Communication Technology told KT Press recently.

The Academy will start with 60 students who have scored high in Mathematics, Physics and English, according to Kalema, and the country is looking for children with passion in coding.

The government says it will give full scholarships to candidates who will pursue 3 year ICT courses including; cyber security, Software programming, embedded programming to mention but a few.

After three years of training, students will be awarded A level certificate before being dispatched in different ICT organizations for employment.

“Government has partnered with different ICT institutions, so they will start working immediately after graduation,” Kalema told KT Press.

Andela, an ICT company is one of those companies Kalema said was on in this partnership.

For the start, the institution will hire six software instructors, one Mathematic lecturer and one English lecturer, according to Kalema.

There will also be French and Kinyarwanda lecturers.

Rwanda Coding Academy, aims at reducing importation of ICT experts in the country, Kalema says.

Construction of the Academy fully funded by government of Rwanda cost Rwf 500 million.