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More Condoms Please – Workers in Rwamagana Mining Company Request

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:19 pm

Awareness campaign in a mining company from Rwamagana, Eastern Province

In Eastern Province of Rwanda, workers of Trinity Metals Group, a mining company wit hundreds men and women who spend a good part of their week in search of minerals say that they have a shortage of condom supplies.

The latest Rwanda Demographic Health Survey(DHS) of 2018-2019 indicates that the HIV/AIDS prevalence among the people aged between 15-64 years is 3 per cent.

The City of Kigali with 4.3% and the Eastern Province with 2.9% have the highest prevelance, reason why the Rwanda Biomedical Centre(RBC) targeted them for HIV prevention campaign which is underway.

Trinity Metals Group in Musha Sector, was among the target groups. The workers listen what it takes to prevent the infection, and this include using condoms during sexual relations.

One of the workers, Nahimana Jean Claude(not real name) said that after work on Saturday, many of his colleagues happen to plan to meet for sexual relations where they need condoms.

In most cases, he said, when they don’t have, they decide to go without.

“Believe me, since the last twelve months that I am here, a couple of girls got unwanted pregnancy because they met partners without using condom,” Nahimana said.

Every Satuday, he further said, whoever wants condoms is given four units, but remember that the week counts seven days. Still, there is not enough according to demand.

RBC, in partnership with Strive Foundation are carrying the campaign in Rwamagana, Kayonza, Gatsibo and Nyagatare where they encourage the youth to choose the condom rather than having unprotected sex.

They also encourage them to go for HIV test, and to do male circumcision.

Strive Foundation will deliver 15,000 condoms in these district, to help the youth.The organisation supports RBC’s HIV prevention initiatives while reaching out to groups at high risk including homosexuals.

However, they also give an estimate 30,000 condoms to the youth in Ngoma, Gatsibo and Nyagatare quarterly.

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