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The Best of Umuganura 2019 Celebrations

by KT Press Staff Writer
12:10 pm

From the start of August this year, Rwanda, through the Ministry of Culture and Sports, organized Umuganura – Rwanda’s traditional ceremony in which the community come together to celebrate fruits of their hard work.

Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente(second right) and Ministers Esperance Nyirasafari of Sports and Culture and Anastase Shyaka of local government around him at Nyanza for Umuganura 2019

The event was characterized by several activities. KT Press and Kigali Today’s multimedia team captured several moments as the events happened.

Umuganura in Huye district. That’s it. And you think they had starters before? Noway. That’s ironically a starter, main course and desert all combined. It’s how society conceived it

Traditionally, Umuganura featured ceremonies of first fruits where the community had to bring tributes from the first harvest to the king whom they believed was the rain provider.

Umuganura involves sharing. man carrying traditional port full of sorghum, a favorite local brew and women with baskets full of crops are going to bless a family at harvest day.

Staple food, essentially beans and sorghum paste with pumpkins and other traditional greens were eaten. They would also share sorghum beer, fermented milk and, as time passed, banana beer.