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Naomie Nishimwe Is Miss Rwanda 2020

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:57 am

Nishimwe Naomie

Bets started much earlier during the preliminaries and many said Naomie Nishimwe would emerge the winner, and indeed, she was crowned Miss Rwanda 2020 in the night of February 22,2020, to mean last Saturday.

Well, some speculated that she was meant to win the competition because “one of the biggest sponsors of the competition showed their support to her.”

At Intare Conference Arena, a beautiful venue located in Rusororo in the outskirts of Kigali, Naomie was facing 18 competitors at the semi finals, but out of them, the jury wanted 10 finalists from whom a miss, two runners-up and Miss Popularity, among others would be selected on merit.

To go about this, every girl had to answer one and only one question within two-three minutes.

Thus, Nishimwe Naomie (No 31), Umutesi Denise (No 43), Ingabire Gaudence (No 8), Umwiza Phionah (No 47), Mutegwantebe Chanice (No 27), Irasubiza Alliance (No 11), Teta Ndenga Nicole (No ,35) Musana Teta Hense (No 26), Umuratwa Anitha (No 42) and Akaliza Hope (No 1) emerged the winners in the top ten.

Naomie Nishimwe beat all of them while Umwiza Phionah and Umutesi Denise became first and second runner-up respectively.

Like her predecessors, Miss Naomie Nishimwe departed with plenty of awards.

First of all, she was awarded with a car – Suzuki Swift, courtesy of Rwanda Motor. She was also put on a Rwf 800,000 monthly salary for the next twelve months, on top of other bank services.

The beauty queen of Rwanda will have access to a beauty saloon during her reign and will be entitled to a dress that fits any event she wants to attend any time.

To stay healthy, she will be given a health insurance for the whole year.

Whenever she attends any training away, her hotel’s costs will be fully covered.

In the wake of Miss Rwanda competition, Miss Naomie is going for a fully paid vacation in the beautiful city of the Emirates Arab-Dubai city.

She is free to go to a restaurant that partnered with Miss Rwanda for the next 12 months and the bill will be fully covered.

On top of the Miss Rwanda crown, Naomie was the winner of Miss congeniality which gave her another Rwf 1.2 Million award.

The first and the second runner-up were awarded with Rwf 1.2 million respectively and an accommodation bill for a hotel once every months in the next six months, with family members.

Also awarded were Irasubiza Alliance who became Miss Popularity- She was given Rwf 1.5 million on top of other prizes.

Replacing Nimwiza Meghan – Miss Rwanda 2019, Naomie who entered the competition as a candidate from City of Kigali comes to implement a project to fight breast cancer.

Naomie Nishimwe is the 7th Miss Rwanda since Rwanda Inspiration Back-up started organizing the competition, but earlier on, Miss Rwanda competition was organised at a relatively low standard’s event.

Thus, in total, Rwanda ever had 10 miss Rwanda competitions.

However, the current organisation of Miss Rwanda does not go without criticism of poor organisation, ignoring culture, being money oriented,and to some extent, corruption.




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