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As A Mother I Feel Your Mothers – First Lady to Miss Rwanda Beauty Queens

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:53 am

First Lady(Middle)commended Miss Rwanda beauty queens and said the country has a lot of expectations in them

The First Lady Jeannette Kagame has convened the Miss Rwanda beauty queens of several generations and their runners-up to express how much she is concerned about their wellbeing and their safety.

In a video that was posted on April 28, the First Lady told the young ladies who included the latest Miss Rwanda Muheto Divine that she had convened them for a genuine cause.

“The reason I thought about this meeting, was not to put pressure on you, young ladies but, as a mother, a mother of one daughter, I feel your mothers,” the First Lady said.

“Within my busy schedule, I managed to secure a little time to follow the competitions where you have been involved. I feel the pressure a parent may have.”

The First Lady said that the young ladies were given a huge platform to be able to raise their voices on different issues and this comes with several challenges that they should overcome.

“Honestly, I want to commend you, you are brave,” she told the young ladies adding that it goes with their huge responsibility.

“As parents, all we did was to accompany you, in your choice. Again, we are doing this because you personally valued what you are doing,” Mrs. Kagame said.

“It’s like you are pushing us to find you amid your endeavors. None can define you; you have the key to what you may choose to become.”

The First Lady said that Miss Rwanda queens should never see themselves as people who belong to a family just, but personalities of the society.

“You belong to a community, you belong to a country,” she said. “We have a lot of expectations in you. It takes a lot to cross this age of yours. You probably know what’s wrong and right, but the challenge is to make the right choice.”

The First lady further encouraged the ladies to use their huge opportunity, huge fan base and following, to raise the voice and speak for the country which shed so much blood.

The latest message comes to remind that young Rwandans need to fight against denial of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. The Genocide took life of more than one million innocent Tutsi. Deniers use the social media to trade misleading messages against the Genocide.

In this meeting, the First Lady had also convened several ladies who made it in different spheres: soldiers, ministers, doctors, politicians and the ladies who made it to Miss Rwanda, East Africa and other accolades and who left great legacy.

“Be confident, be courageous, we are here for you as elder sisters…” were among messages that were shared by the elder sisters, parents.

However, the whole message found Miss Rwanda in a difficult period where the public is wondering what’s going on in this national, prestigious beauty contest.

Early this week, the CEO of Miss Rwanda organisation also known as Rwanda Inspiration Back up Ishimwe Dieudonne a.k.a Prince Kid was arrested over sexual abuse allegation.

The arrest which was confirmed by Rwanda Investigation Bureau(RIB) followed allegations that the suspect was involved in sexual abuse against the girls who were part of the competition through the years.

Yesterday, April 28 an audio clip that claims to involve Miss Rwanda 2022 Muheto Divine and Prince Kid who, allegedly intended to seek “sexual pleasures” went viral across social media platforms.

In latest conversation on twitter, the First Lady wrote: “Dear Miss Rwanda contestants, we acknowledge that these are tough times for you. In the spirit of motherhood and sisterhood, we must persistently emphasise that today and tomorrow’s right decisions and  choices will make you stronger.”

She further said: “May you be liberated by the successes we believe you are capable of, even in the face of adversity. We wish you safety and unwavering resolve as you overcome this precarious period.”

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