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EU gives Rwanda €27.8m to boost Agriculture

by Lillian Gahima
9:30 am

Rwanda has received €27.8m from the European Union.

The funds, signed for on Christmas Eve, are meant to upgrade projects in the agriculture sector, as well as the revamping and construction of roads and other social amenities.

This is final installment of a €69m aid package disbursed over the course of 2014.

Two thirds of the total aid package has been channeled into direct budgetary support, reflecting EU’s confidence in the Rwandan government’s management of financial aid.

EU ambassador Michael Ryan told KTPress the fund reflects a successful and fruitful partnership between the EU and Rwanda.

“This has been a good year for the EU’s partnership with Rwanda. We have consistently maintained our financial commitments to Rwanda, and the figures speak for themselves.”

All signs point to this partnership continuing for the foreseeable future, Ambassador Ryan said.

Meanwhile the two parties signed a new aid package a few months ago.

The EU committed €460m to be disbursed over the next six years, to fund energy, agriculture, governance and accountability.

By: Lilian Gahima