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Kagame tells security forces to be alert over regional insecurity

by Dan Ngabonziza
2:47 am

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has advised Rwandans to stand firm and protect achievements made over the last two decades.

He warned security organs to stand their ground as regional insecurity intensifies.

In his end of year message to the nation, Kagame said; “Let’s …protect the gains we have made.”

In another message he delivered earlier to security organs, including the Rwanda Defense Forces and the National Police, as the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces, he asked the forces to ensure “peace and security for our nation.”

He said security remains Rwanda’s core foundation against which many achievements and hopes continue to be built on.

He commended the work of the Defense Forces, but warned that the country continues to face increasing insecurity from within and outside.

Rwanda has, since 2010, been experiencing a series of grenade explosions targeting trade centers and markets in different parts of the country orchestrated by dissent groups based in foreign countries.

As FDLR rebels is awaited to lay down their arms ahead of January 2, 2015 deadline, if not be militarily forced by the regional force, the Standby Brigade, Rwanda says the rebels continue to pause a regional threat.

Outside the country, Al Shabaab continues to terrorize Kenya and Uganda, killing hundreds, blowing up infrastructure and crippling the regional economy.

Landlocked Rwanda, a country whose economy is heavily reliant on imports through Kenya Uganda and Tanzania remains seriously nervous and uncomfortable with Al Shabaab terror wave.

Yet, from a regional and international point of view, Kagame praised over 4000 Rwanda Defense Forces and the Rwandan National Police for their contribution to peacekeeping missions in conflict zones of Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia and Haiti, ranking 6th globally.

Burundi is going into presidential elections next year, with reported cases of political grinding and finger wagging already sparking signs of an eminent violence.

Rwanda is worried the effects of any conflict might spill over.

Kagame thus told military and Police commanders that 2015 brings new challenges and opportunities.

“We will undoubtedly be confronted with more threats and hardships; but with our spirit, experience and belief, I am confident that we will continue to prevail,” he said.

By: Dan Ngabonziza