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Kagame asks Rwandans to tighten belts, “we shall Achieve 2015 goals”

by Patrick Bigabo
3:27 am

President Paul Kagame has wished Rwandans a prosperous year 2015 and encouraged them to work hard to maintain a stronger economy.

In a three minute message delivered on state media at midnight, January 1, 2015, Kagame encouraged Rwandans to remain hopeful, work together and strive to achieve their set objectives.

By the end of September 2014, Rwanda’s economy expanded by 7.8%, rising to $2b from the initial $1.8b in the same quarter of 2013.

Since 2006, president Kagame has been encouraging Rwandans to work together and boost country’s economy aimed at achieving a private sector led growth in line with the country’s signature development plan, vision 2020.

Over 88 Collective Investment groups across the country have raised about $450m in equity and invested in various sectors.

Kagame cautioned Rwandans, “Nobody should work alone.” He advised them to find others who share same goals and work together.

“We always move forward when we look after each other,” he said, in a relaxed, but sober tone.

Tough changes

Kagame, who was dressed in a white shirt, a sharp blue tie and a gray trouser, spoke softly, with a calm posture, sat with his fingers crossed, a photo of his family placed on the table behind him. He never smiled, throughout, not angry either, but focused.

With no national flag in the background, Kagame stressed that Rwandans should prepare for a tougher 2015, and not avoid change or challenges.

“Whatever we want to achieve in 2015 we shouldn’t avoid inevitable change even though it seems difficult,” he said. “Each of you should strive to achieve own set goals,” Kagame noted.

About 86% of Rwanda’s population is employed in agriculture sector which in the 3rd quarter of 2014 contributed 34% of GDP after registering a 6% record growth.

Speaking a week ago at the parliamentary building during the national dialogue, (Umushyikirano), Kagame said growth of agriculture sector is a result of increased food crop production, such as vegetables, livestock and fishing that also have a significant contribution.

He promised more support to the sector and thus maximise aggregated national productivity.

Thousands of farmers today in Rwanda are united under cooperatives which has enhanced their access to financing and massive production.

Rwanda’s mining sector registered impressive record, becoming world’s single largest exporter of Coltan.

In 2013 alone Rwanda exported 2,466,025kgs of tantalum – accounting for 28% of total 8,807,232Kg of tantalum produced globally.

Other sectors contributing to the country’s impressive growth include; services sector which contributed 47% of the total GDP after it grew 10% in the third quarter of 2014.

The Manufacturing sector reportedly contributed 14 % of the GDP in the third quarter of 2014.

With the significant progress in 2014, President Kagame is optimistic that Rwanda should register better performance in 2015.

“We shall achieve our 2015 goals,” Kagame said, encouraging
The moment he finished delivering his shortest message ever, loud applauses were heard in the city corners.

There were no tweets or facebook posts as everyone seemed busy celebrating for almost an hour.

The tweep Kagame did not forget his trait, he Later twitted, “Let’s celebrate how far we have come and look ahead with determination to do even more. Happy New Year to all Rwandans and Friends.”

By: Patrick Bigabo


President Kagame’s End of Year Message – Kigali, 31 December 2014

Fellow Rwandans,

Dear friends of Rwanda.

I would like to convey my best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2015.

As you all know, we are engaged in a continuous effort for self-improvement.

We must maintain the tempo and continue to build a country we deserve.

In that spirit as we celebrate this New Year, let us appreciate the fact that we have more prospects today than ever before.

All this is the result of all commitments we have made together in building our economy, strengthening our governance, maintaining security and upholding self-belief.

It is now up to us collectively and individually, to make use of available opportunities to reach our goals.

Whatever we want to achieve in this coming year we can make progress in keeping three important points in mind.

First, we shouldn’t avoid change that is inevitable or any other challenge just because they seem difficult.

Second, each of you should strive to achieve the goals you have set for yourselves. We have seen that persistence and practice yield results.

Third, don’t work alone. Find others who share the same goals and work together.

As always in Rwanda, we move forward when we look after each other and combine our strength.

Rwanda has come a long way but we still have a long journey ahead.
Let us value and use our time well and help others do the same, protect the gains we have made and continue to make Rwanda the best it can be.

Happy New Year.

I wish health, continued peace and security to you and your families.