Joseph Habineza Dropped From Ministry of Sports and Culture

Ambassador Joseph Habineza, the Minister of Sport and Culture has been dropped and replaced by Julienne Uwacu.

Uwacu has been serving as member of parliament in the lower chamber.

Populaly refered to as Mr. Joe,  the outgoing Minister Habineza has been heading the ministry since July 2014 after concluding his tour as Rwanda’s High Commisioner to Nigeria.

Amb. Habineza had previously resigned from his job as Minister of youth, culture and sports three years earlier following leaked photos of the minister having fun with ladies. The photos which the public considered as unethical spread like wild fire on social media.

While the community was divided as to whether Joe would be given another chance to occupy an executive post, President Paul Kagame didnt render him jobless.

Days after his resignation he was appointed High Commissioner of Rwanda in Nigeria.

#joewhileyouwereaway hash tag welcomed Minister Joe when he came back during the biggest reshuffle of July.

Amb. Joseph Habineza taking oath after his appointment as Minister of Sports and Culture
Amb. Joseph Habineza taking oath after his appointment as Minister of Sports and Culture

The public who assumed that the country’s  sports and culture situation had worsened while Mr. Joe was away, were excited to see him return to the same ministry.

The excited public on social media established a hashtag #joewhileyouwereaway  and informing the minister  of what happened while he was away such as; Miss Rwanda was Rewarded a second hand car!

Another one said, #JoeWhileYouWereAway the Kigali Public Library became Rwanda Library Services (RLS), now a major hub for weddings in Kigali.

The public who were expecting to see Joe operate miracles to improve Rwanda sport, especially football which is doing too badly, were probably yet to see him do much.

Ambassador Joseph Habineza will not go to have fun with colleagues during the upcoming national retreat were president Kagame hosts all the public figures in Gabiro camp, Eastern province to discuss country life and way forward.

Minister Habineza sandwitched by sports fans.
Minister Habineza sandwitched by sports fans.







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