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RPF Members Reflect on Party’s Achievements As They Prepare Presidential, Parliamentary Elections

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:40 pm

RPF Members in Musanze District

Grassroots leaders of Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF) Inkotanyi today gathered members in their respective villages to present party achievements in the last seven years and to remind them their responsibility as citizens in the upcoming elections.

On July 14-15, Rwandans in the country and in diaspora will go to polls to elect the next president who will serve the five year constitutional term, and to elect members of parliament-lower chamber for the same period of time.

RPF already chose their flag bearer who is the incumbent President Paul Kagame and members are being prepared to be part of this electoral process.

On Sunday, May 12, all villages of the country had the RPF members convene to first of all reflect on the achievements of the party in the last seven years.

Clad in the party colors, they were in numbers to respond to the call of the chairperson of their villages who reminded that the party achieved quit a lot that they cannot talk about them in a few minutes.

In Rubungo village of Bumbohgo sector, Gasabo district, the members welcomed visitors from the sector level who gave a summary of the achievements.

“Actions speak by themselves,” said the party chairperson after the RPF hymn.

In economic development, the chairman spoke about transformational achievements which include, but are not limited to a land use and development Masterplan which will guide the country through 2050, construction of model villages, and access to electricity which has reached 76 per cent, up from 38 per cent in 2017.

He elaborated on transport which include acquisition of plenty of new buses in the capital Kigali which is contributing to smart transport and reduction of jam in the greenest and cleanest city of Africa-Kigali.

To this long list, he added renovation of Rwanda’s airports of Kigali and Kamembe, and construction of a new airport in Bugsera now ongoing in its first phase.

However, he couldn’t conclude without adding the award winning Amahoro National Stadium which has been refurbished to increase 25,000 sitting capacity to 45,000 seats.

“When I pass by Amahoro Stadium, I feel goosebumps,” said the chairperson proudly before adding the state-of-the-art BK Arena, 10,000 sitting capacity in vicinity of Amahoro stadium in this Kigali’s sport hub.

“If anyone tells you that it is just Amahoro stadium, remind them that we also constructed Bugesera stadium, Huye Stadium, Ngoma and Nyagatare Stadium, all in this term,” the chairman said.

The list continued to include health activities which include hospitals and international health institutions, and a new health financial cooperative, Umuganga Sacco.

He them proceeded with achievements in financial inclusion and spoke about Ejo Heza, a scheme that is helping all Rwandans to save for their future.

Several other achievements were also shared and those couldn’t work if there was no security, which include supporting peace initiatives through UN peacekeeping missions.

Rwanda is among top peacekeeping contributing countries in the world.

RPF members shared testimonies, which reflect development journey in the last seven years.

In Rubungo, a new neighborhood where housing is booming, RPF members could recall how they started clearing the land to afford a plot and to construct houses on this hill which offers a panoramic view on Kigali, more like Rebero in Kicukiro district.

“I believe we owe this to good leadership spearheaded by President Paul Kagame our chairperson,” said a member.

Another witness who is also a seasoned politician, said that as woman, she started serving in leadership when the society was still despising women, but today, she said, we are equal as men and women. Women here can tell better what we gained in the RPF leadership.

Elsewhere, in Musanze district, the same meeting brought hundreds in their respective villages.

“Our roads were in sorry state, but today, we have tarmac roads. We are happy for the beautiful schools that we have got thanks to the good leadership of President Paul Kagame,” Ange Mukandayisenga from Musanze testified.

According to the RPF report, the number of classrooms increased to 76,000 up from 22,000 classrooms in the last seven years.

This increased with the number of teachers, who actually enjoyed a big salary increment of up to 80 per cent, in search fo quality of Education during this term.

In Musanze, the RPF Members are particularly proud of the tourism because in this area of volvano national Park, home to mountain gorillas, the government dedicate 10 per cent of the revenues with the people neighboring the park. This money reaches them in form of public infrastructure.

“We can’t wait! For us we consider our elections as a wedding,” Olivier Uwizeye, another party member said.

On this occasion, members were reminded about their responsibility to make sure that they register on their voting list and to fulfill all requirements so that there is no impediment come July 15.

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