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Man Names His Baby Boy After President Kagame

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:27 pm

In remote sector of Kabagari, Ruhango district, Southern Rwanda, a man recently attracted the attention of his neighbors when he named his new baby boy, Paul Kagame.

Samuel Hitimana, the father of the baby told KTPress that he named his son after President Paul Kagame because he admires him.

Hitimana saw President Kagame for the first time during the presidential election campaigns in 2010. He saw him again when he visited the village during the President’s Citizen Outreach program.

Hitimana, now in his thirties is also a beneficiary of the “One Cow Per Family” presidential initiative, where 300,000 families have acquired a free cow to increase their household income and fight malnutrion.

“He is my man,” Hitimana said.

The mother of the baby has happily approved the husband’s decision.

“I like his ruling principles, “she said, referring to President Kagame.

Samuel Hitimana holding his baby boy named Paul Kagame.

Samuel Hitimana holding his baby boy named Paul Kagame.


The decision has however, divided opinions in the village. Some neighbors have criticized the family and said they undermined the person of the president, whom they say is their “most respected person”. But others have supported the idea.

Hitimana, a father of three boys now, said he will take good care of his son so that his son becomes as great as President Kagame, who is widely admired and enjoys high ratings among the village folks for his pragmatic policies and tough stance on underperfroming local leaders.

“Naming my son after president Kagame means I don’t want him to miss any of his talents,” he said.

One Year old Paul Kagame

One Year old Paul Kagame


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