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Rwanda Makes it Easy to Buy Land Online

by Denyse Tuyishime
5:11 pm


From wherever you are, you can access online all plots of arable land in Rwanda and choose which one to buy.

By logging in to www.minagri.gov.rw/investorapp/, interested investors can access an entire map of Rwanda and zoom in to any parcel of land in different locations.

Pointing to a particular plot of land, a popup menu will show information about the requested plot including; geographical location and basic infrastructure that can ease business.

Developed by  the Agriculture ministry, the web portal referred to as Agriculture Land and Information System (ALIS) will be launched on October 11th.

“Rwandans and foreigners doubt on land investment in Rwanda because they don’t have reliable information about it. The new system facilitates them to explore land they want to exploit before making any decision, which will reduce the transaction cost,” Dr Octave Semwaga, Director of planning in MINAGRI told KT Press.

After including all information on land management on this platform, ALIS managers will add another component of plot management, to facilitate land transaction and communication between farmers and the Ministry in terms of good agricultural practices.

According to Agriculture ministry, Rwanda has 1.4 million hectares of arable land.

Rwanda has an area of 26 thousands square kilometers. The national land center has about 11 million registered parcels of land.

In April this year, the country launched a phone application from which subscribers can dial *651# -Yes to obtain information about a particular plot number.

By the year 2020, Rwanda targets to transform to modern-mechanized agriculture and attain middle income status.