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Ghanaian Investors Seek Business Deals in Rwanda

by Denyse Tuyishime
3:00 pm

New Infrastructure in Kigali city. Ghanaian Investors are interested in the construction sector

Ghanaian business community is cheerful about their maiden trip to Rwanda where they expect to explore various opportunities and learn from the country’s transformation.

Citi FM a popular private radio in Ghana is registering interested investors for “Hello Kigali”, a – 4 day business trip to Rwanda from January 24-28.

Citifmonline.com wrote that they were impressed by “how Rwanda, with its recent genocide history turned around its story to become an investment hub in Africa.”

Prospective investors are required to pay $ 2,400 to cover travel and accommodation expenses at any of the four five star hotels, with a very clear emphasis on the ultra modern Kigali Convention Centre and Radisson Blu.

During their stay in Rwanda, the Ghanaian business delegation will meet with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for a briefing on business opportunities in the country and Rwanda Revenue Authority on effective tax collection.

Organisers have also indicated that the delegation will visit Kigali Car Free Zone  and meet with Natural Resource Authority (RNRA) to understand investment opportunities on land – construction, mining, water and forests.

The Ghanaian investors are more interested in construction – they will visit the Kigali Construction One Stop Center to learn about construction permitting.

The delegation has indicated they are very impressed in learning about by Rwanda’s adoption of technology in every sector of the economy.

Rwanda has laid 3,000km of fiber optic network worth $130 million, connecting 97 government agencies in the capital Kigali and 226 agencies in districts. It links 36 main nodes in both Kigali and all the 30 districts.

With this infrastructure, Olleh Rwanda by Korea Telecom – provides a – 4GB internet.

Shukrani Edy Hemedy – RwandAir Country Manager in Ghana told media, “We have expanded technology offer from our airlines up to commuter buses.”

“President Paul Kagame is also promoting ICT with a strong presence on social media.”

RwandAir has expanded its fleet to 11 aircrafts with two Airbuses acquired this year. Its A330 is enabled with WiFi and flies twice a week from Kigali to Accra, each Thursday and Saturday and from Accra to Kigali, each Friday and Sunday.

Ghanian investors also said that while other countries failed, Rwanda managed to ban plastic bags and replacing them with biodegradable bags a couple of years ago. They seek to understand how Rwanda did it.

Karim Tushabe, a legal consultant and head of Doing Business at RDB told KT Press, that a presentation he made towards October last year in Ghana is one of events that increased their appetite for Rwanda.

“They are interested in learning the available opportunities we offer. After that they will take an informed decision,” Tushabe said,  adding that more than 20 investors are expected.