Tennis Open: Rwanda Wants Talents, NOT Medals

Kassim Ntageruka, Rwanda Tennis Federation (RTF) president

The Rwanda Open Tennis Championship has been scheduled for November 27th– December 05th at Amahoro stadium courts.

The event, will attract tennis stars from Sweden, Italy, Nepal, Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda, the hosts.

“This year’s tournament, will have stiff competition as we invited top tennis players from regional countries and have already confirmed their participation,” Kassim Ntageruka, Rwanda Tennis Federation (RTF) president told KT Press on Monday.

According to RTF, 143 players eye medals in this year’s Rwanda Tennis tournament.

The winner on both categories male and female is set to get prize money of $1000, but Rwandans are looking for something else.

“This year’s tournament we may not be medal winners as we are embarking on building the young talents, but next year I think it will be colorful than what we expect to this year,” Ntageruka told KT Press.

This year’s tournament is sponsored by Bank of Kigali which injected in Rwf29 million.



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