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“Burundi Should Not Associate Rwanda With Its Internal Problems”-Rwandan Gov’t

by Edmund Kagire
6:21 pm

Rwanda says Burundi has a problem with Rwanda but Rwanda has no problem with Burundi.

The Government of Rwanda says Burundi should stop attributing her internal problems, including insecurity, on her neighbour to the north and call on Burundian authorities to stop using Rwanda as a scapegoat.

A statement issued by the Government Spokesperson, Yolande Makolo on Sunday, followed claims yet again by Burundian authorities on Saturday, that Rwanda was training and arming rebels who blamed for twin grenade attacks that wounded 38 people on Friday.

It is the latest of accusations by the Burundian government which is grappling with a multitude of internal problems including civil unrest as well as economic challenges.

The Rwandan government accuses Burundi of using Rwanda as an excuse as the situation in the East African country continues to become tense.

“There is something clearly wrong going on with Burundi for its government to accuse Rwanda for recent grenade explosions in Bujumbura, a situation we have absolutely no connection with, and have no reason to be involved in,”

“Burundi has a problem with Rwanda, but we have no problem with Burundi. We call on Burundi to solve its own internal problems and not associate Rwanda with such despicable matters,” the Rwandan Government Spokesperson said.

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