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Unity Club to Build Leadership and Governance School

by Kalinda Brenda & Denyse Tuyishime
12:44 am

The First Lady Jeannette Kagame chairperson of Unity Club. Photo Plaisir Muzogeye

Unity Club, the organization of former and present cabinet members and their spouses has announced a plan to build a school of leadership and good governance in Kigali.

Last year during the national dialogue – Umushyikirano, elderly Edith Mukantagara stood up and said that President Paul Kagame has changed this course and, not only are citizens thankful, but other nations are increasingly seeking to learn from Rwanda because of his unprecedented leadership.

“Why can’t we start an institute and name it Kagame Institute of Good Governance or in French,Institut de Bonne Gouvernance Paul Kagame,” she suggested.

Members of Unity Club gathered in Kigali for their annual forum scheduled to take place between October 26th-27th.

The forum will examine progress of the organization and unveil seven-year strategic plan.

The plan is aimed at supporting the Government’s seven-year program, and for this reason, it was called National strategy for transformation.

Speaking to the media, Dr Monique Nsazabaganwa, the Vice Chairperson of Unity Club said that during the the course of the next seven years they will work closely with the government more than before.

“We will reveal the seven year strategy tomorrow but all I can say now is that we will work closely with the government to have the school of leadership and governance built,” she said.

“We will do whatever it takes to have that school in the seven years to come,” she emphasized adding that this school has been requested several times by citizens.

In the meantime, members of the club are still agreeing on the feasibility of this project.

“We are trying to work together with different institutions in various areas but we don’t want to replace institutions in their everyday responsibilities,” She said adding that they want to make sure whatever they engage in is done perfectly.

The First Lady Jeannette Kagame, chairperson of the organization and guest of honor at the event thanked members and also gave a warm welcome to the 18 new members.

“You are our renewed strength in this journey of building our country. We shall together carry the candle that lights the way for our countrymen,” said the First Lady.

The theme for Unity Club’s 10th annual forum is ‘Uniqueness Towards Our Vision’ and, according to the First Lady, it will help them to carry out a self-evaluation in regard to previous pledges.

Unity Club members at the 10th forum in Kigali. Photo Plaisir Muzogeye. KT Press

Unity Club, last year made several pledges including; intensification of activities and savoir-faire and carrying on vital initiatives the organization spearheaded.

Those include rewarding the guardian of covenant, literary Abarinzi b’igihango and Ndi Umunyarwanda.

Through such initiatives, the First Lady said they have established political solutions and ideas aimed at bringing togetherness of all Rwandans.

They even show the root cause of Rwandan community problem and propos required solutions for the problem to not happen again.

Unity Club, has since 2006 worked closely with different institutions with the mission to enhance unity and peace to achieve sustainable development in Rwanda.

Through this collaboration it built 20 houses for orphans who grew up in orphanages and 90 houses for genocide survivors in Nyamagabe.

It also managed to establish more than 12 houses across the country for elderly genocide survivors with the target to shelter all the elderly ‘Incike’ by 2020.