Rwanda Equity, Bond Market Reaps billions in 5 Years

A campaign targeting retail investors that kicked off this week is expected to boost capital market literacy across the country

The Rwanda equity and bond markets as a product of saving and Investment from the last five years raised at least Rwf37 billion and Rwf160 billion respectively, the Central bank has revealed.

The equity market as of May 2012 to May 2017 was spurred by two listed companies- Crystal telecom (CTL) and I&M Bank Rwanda (IMR), with the former netting over Rwf28.3billions of the total amount in over 270millions share (at Rwf105 share price).

The bond market (T-Bonds Outstanding from 2013-June 2017) has grown from 8.5billion in 2013 to Rwf100billions in 2014/2015.

Capital Markets Authority, today took a savings public education in Rwamagana District. They met with district officials and trained them on how to save and invest through capital market. The same campaign was in Nyabihu District yesterday.

A month long campaign targeting retail investors kicked off this week as part of efforts to boost capital market literacy across Rwanda. The authority is using social media to know challenges that citizens face when it comes to saving.

The central bank says that savings collected through mobile money channels stood at Rwf2.2 billion in June 2017 up from Rwf254.5million in the same period of 2016.

RSE counters go down

In the meantime, on the local bourse the stock and shares indexes went down 0.08 and 0.01 points to close at 127.61 and 132.38 respectively.

Today on RSE market only a few equities changed hands while the bonds market was quiet.

Bank of Kigali (BK) counter closed at Rwf285 (Rwf 285 previous). The trading session recorded a total turnover of Rwf 46,561,500 from 169,300 shares traded in 2 deals.

CTL counter closed at Rwf 69(Rwf 70 previous). The trading session recorded a total turnover of Rwf 179,400 from 2,600 shares traded in 2 deals.

The equities counters closed as follows: IMR: Rwf 96; BLR: Rwf 135; Equity Group (EQTY): Rwf 350; NMG: Rwf 1200; KCB: Rwf 340; and USL: Rwf104. 2.

At the end of the formal trading hours, on BK counter there were outstanding offers of 81,400 shares at Rwf 285 and no bids.

On BLR counter there were outstanding bids of 4,000 shares at Rwf 130 and no offers. On CTL counter, there were outstanding offers of 473,500 shares between Rwf 69-73 and no bids.

On IMR counter, there were outstanding offers of 2,302,000 shares between Rwf 99-100 and an outstanding bid of 200,000 shares at Rwf 95. On Equity counter there was an outstanding bid of 4,600 shares at Rwf 350 and no offers.

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