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Fuel Prices Go Up

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:37 pm

Motorists will have to pay extra on every litre of diesel and petrol

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has announced new fuel prices with an increase of Rwf29 on petrol and a slight drop by Rwf6 on diesel prices.

Effective Saturday fuel prices will stand at Rwf1, 031 and Rwf944 for petrol and diesel respectively, RURA announced today.

The last time the authority fixed fuel pump prices was in May this year, dropping in petrol and diesel prices to Rwf1,002 and Rwf950 from  Rwf1022 per litre of petrol and Rwf958 for diesel.

In a communique released this evening, RURA said that “The increase is a result of rise in prices of petroleum products on international market”.

In the meantime, both Rwanda stock market index and all shares index also declined to 0.32 and 0.05 points to close at 133.48 and 133.12 respectively.

The equities and bond markets changed hands to sell Rwf135, 000,000 worth of bonds at Rwf103.5 traded in two deals but most counters remained dormant except I&M Bank (IMR).

IMR counter closed at Rwf95 (Rwf97 previous). The trading session recorded a total turnover of Rwf95, 000 from 1,000 shares traded in 1 deal.