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Uganda’s New Vision Paper Fakes Kagame, Museveni Meeting

by KT Press Staff Writer
6:27 pm

The Front Page of the The New Vision Newspaper with a story claiming a meeting between President Paul Kagame and Museveni that never happened

A reported bilateral meeting in Dubai between the presidents of Rwanda and Uganda could not have taken place.

Uganda government owned New Vision newspaper reported in its Friday print edition that President Kagame and Yoweri Museveni had met on the sidelines of the Global Africa Business Forum in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Kagame spoke at the event on Wednesday.

The New Vision quotes Okello Oryem, the Ugandan State minister for regional affairs, who confirms the Kagame-Museveni “bilateral meeting”.

It wasn’t reported on Rwanda news, and no tweets, no photos on Flickr which is unusual.

All engagements that President Kagame takes part are reported before and after they take place on @UrugwiroVillage, the official Twitter account of the President’s office. Within about an hour, photos are always also availed on the official Flickr page.

For all the engagements President Kagame held in Dubai, such as the appearance on the Forum’s Presidential panel and tour of the event’s exhibition, they were reported.

The said Kagame, Museveni meeting didn’t happened for sure. And KT Press did confirm with officials travelling with the President.

Yet Oryem, who was in Dubai, said there was a bilateral meeting and actually gave details.

It is unclear why the Ugandan minister Oryem would make up such information, and give it to a government publication. The New Vision had to apologise last week when it falsely reported that the country’s police chief was being protected by the army.

In December last year, the New Vision apologised and retracted a cartoon about the 1994 genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, which turned to be in bad taste.