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Kagame to Award 9 People with Igihango Medal

by Kalinda Brenda
1:51 pm

President Paul Kagame

National order of outstanding friendship medals awaits nine individuals who have contributed and been exemplary in serving the nation.

On Saturday, November 18th, President Paul Kagame will award the inaugural ‘Igihango’ national order of friendship as a symbol of recognition to people with outstanding acts in promoting friendship and cooperation between Rwanda and other countries, according to Julienne Uwacu, Minister of Sports and Culture.

Uwacu said that people to be awarded are people who exhibited “acts that promoted the dignity and honor of the people and nation of Rwanda on the International scene.”

This awarding ceremony is governed by the ‘Presidential Order’ determining the nature, awarding and declaration of national orders.

Meanwhile, these people may be Rwandans or foreigners but what makes them deserving is the unmatched deeds they have shown in serving and promoting Rwanda and its people.

Besides Igihango, other National Orders are; National Order of Honour locally referred to as Agaciro, National Order of Performance known as Indashyikirwa, National Order of Culture locally referred to as Indangamirwa and National Order of Bravery locally known as Indengabaganizi.

According to Uwacu, the award is not specifically for an individual for it can also be given to a group of people as long as their acts have immensely contributed to the nation.

In previous reporting the Chancellery of Heroes, National Orders and Decoration of Honors (CHENO) told KT Press that it was conducting a survey on people who were suggested to feature among national heroes.