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Weekend to Promote Voices of Disabled Friends

by Daniel Sabiiti & Kalinda Brenda
3:21 pm

Charly and Nina at the concert

Parfaite Mugisha was born a normal baby, but at the age of 10 suffered from measles, and didn’t get treatment which resulted in inability to walk.

Mugisha 26 years old, was lucky to join special schools and graduated from University of Rwanda.

Today she expresses her feelings through dancing and writing as a way of fighting internal solitude.

Mugisha is one of the three disabled Rwandan dancers that will participate at the 6th edition of the East African Nights of Tolerance Dance Festival (EANT) at Mulindi Japan One Love on November 30th to December 3rd.

EANT is annual festival of contemporary dance providing a platform of performances and open dialogue. This is the first time disabled people will participate.

Mugisha will be joined by other dancers and performers from 30 countries across the globe.

“Through dancing I will able to share our story. An inspiration of walking from the heart,” Mugisha said.

Wesley Ruzibiza, the founding director of the festival says that this is a platform to showcase talent and potential of all people including the disabled, and also create an opportunity to network.

Disability Fashion Show Returns 

The last time Rwandans saw a disabled person hit the runway in wheelchairs and on clutches, like other famous models in fashion was four years ago (in 2013).

This Sunday the disabled fashion show is back at Mulindi Japan One Love grounds.

Brace yourself for more awesomely beautiful and handsome youngsters who one would barely think of their disability on face value.

Woman’s Strength and Resilience

Ugandan song bird Juliana Kanyomozi is expected to sooth her fans in Kigali  on Friday at the album launch concert by Charly and Nina.

“Most important we gonna be celebrating the woman” Kanyomozi, the Toro Kingdom royal princess said on a video posted on twitter.

Charly and Nina’s  newest hit ‘Zahabu’ (Gold) released recently will be one of the highlights at the groundbreaking concert during the launch of their new album, ‘Imbaraga’ (Strength) that will take place at Camp Kigali grounds.

Imbaraga album has ten songs including Indoro and Imbaraga z’Umugore. The song Imbaraga z’Umugore (strength a woman).

The concert comes at a time when Rwanda recently launched a 16-Day activism to end violence especially against women.

The event also coincides with World Aids Day, a perfect day to celebrate Rwanda’s achievements under this year’s global theme ‘Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability, and Partnerships.’

The concert will feature Rwanda’s top music duo Charlie and Nina joining the imbaraga concert.

Buy Rwandan Made Motorbike

For the first time Rwanda will exhibit the pioneer motorbikes made in Rwanda by Rwanda Motorists Company (RMC) at the 2017 ‘Made in Rwanda Expo’ which will feature brands Nziza 125’.

So far, motorbikes assembled in Rwanda (prices ranging between Rwf 1.2m and 2.9 million) are of three categories, including; Inziza which is popular for moto taxi transport, Indakangwa – a sports bike and Ingenzi, made for rural activities.

One of the special things about these motorbikes one should be looking at the shift from using Indian and Japanese made motorbikes. The locally assembled motorcycle consumes less fuel- while other foreign brands consume 1litre per 30km, the Rwandan motorcycle burns a litre per 55km.