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Through SMS, Rwandans Can Request for Driver’s License, Land title

by Kalinda Brenda
2:56 pm

The drop up menu when you dial *909# on your mobile phone

Rwandans can now use their phones to send a text message and secure convenient services in just seven days.

Through ‘Irembo’ (e-Government Platform), citizens can now get services like land transfer, criminal Record clearance certificate, driver’s license-related services, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death registration, among others with the use of a phone.

According to Yan Kwizera, the Rwanda country director of N-Frnds, a global software provider specialised in providing sophisticated digital services that are accessible to all, this new system will reach out to a big number of the population, save time and also reduce a couple of complaints.

To begin using this new phone system, one is required to simply dial *909# and press ‘yes’ button and follow instructions.

From the menu one can select a service and then choose the institution they want a service from. From there, you can still track the progress of your document and also engage in payment.

Upon the feedback of your documents, you receive messages alerting you what you may be lacking and that lasts for only seven days before you get the final document.

According to Kwizera, this USSD feature will save a lot of time and also help ‘Irembo’ to offer better, quicker, and more convenient services to the country’s citizens.

“This is a solution to complaints of bad internet connections. It is accessible to everyone even old people who felt like they were left out on this technology,’ Kwizera told KT Press.

“Rwanda’s rural users who have limited internet access will benefit from enhanced digital experience with their existing mobile phones,” he added.

Meanwhile, these services are poised to become even more accessible, efficient and user- friendly owing to a new partnership between RwandaOnline, the technology company behind Irembo, and N-Frnds.

For Clement Uwajeneza, the managing director of RwandaOnline said, “At Irembo we keep finding new ways to present an even simpler menu to our users,” adding that the partnership was timely.

“We are taking advantage of the fact that about 5 million Rwandans have a mobile phone thus we ensure that critical services are available to them at any time,” Uwajeneza said.

This initiative aligns well with the Government of Rwanda’s vision that each citizen, visitor to the country of Rwanda, as well as the country’s businesses will have a single, online access point for all government services.