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FIFA Boss Commits to Promote Football Development in Schools

by Bonnie Mugabe
5:47 pm

President Paul Kagame seen with FIFA president Gianni Infantino on Thursday night during a dinner hosted ahead of the FIFA Council Meeting held on Friday at Kigali Convention Center

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has revealed the three key projects that he discussed with President Paul Kagame which will be beneficial for the development of African and global football.

President Paul Kagame hosted visiting FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Thursday morning at Village Urugwiro in Kigali City.

Later in the evening FIFA President Infantino alongside other Council members hosted President Kagame to a dinner held at Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Centre, Kigali.

During Friday’s Post FIFA Council Meeting Press Conference, Infantino confirmed that he held key discussions with President Kagame which rotated on Football for schools, Safety and security in stadiums and fighting match fixing & corruption.

He said,  “We discussed specifically three projects namely football for schools which is an education project allover Africa with all the countries who want to participate where we bring an education tool kit for children from the age of 6-16 or beyond and footballs to be used in those schools.”

“The second project is on safety and security in stadiums where we need to educate and prevent of the authorities of the private and state security forces in cooperation between FIFA, African Union and CAF.”

“The third project is fight against match fixing and corruption. The same concept will be shared among all stakeholders we set up groups and projects in these areas to tackle and prevention and education will be key,” added Infantino.

Meanwhile, part of the resolutions of the FIFA Council Meeting focused on Football for Schools Programme.

The FIFA Council Meeting was presented with updated financial results, which showed that FIFA has contracted more than USD 6.2 billion in revenues – or 110 per cent of its full-cycle budget for 2015-2018 – the FIFA Council agreed to commit part of this surplus to implement the new Football for Schools Programme.

“A budget of USD 100 million has been allocated to implement the programme and operate it until 2022. Through the initiative, FIFA will distribute nine million footballs to schools in the territories of the 211 member associations and create an online platform to inform teachers on how to incorporate football into education.”