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BK Basketball League: REG Maintains Lead after Successful Weekend

by Bonnie Mugabe
2:49 pm

REG’s Beleck Bell seen against UGB in Friday’s BK basketball League played over the weekend

Rwanda Energy Group (REG) has maintained their lead on the BK Basketball League standings after a weekend of successive results registered over UGB and UR-CASS basketball Clubs.

The 2017 champions started their weekend campaign as they edged UGB BBC 90-54 on Friday at Amahoro Indoor stadium.

In-form Patrick Ngwijuruvugo’s REG then extended their lead on Sunday as they thrashed UR-CASS basketball club 177-63 to exert their lead on the league standings with ten points while maintaining a five-match unbeaten record.

Second-placed Patriots BBC managed by Tanzanian Henry Mwinuke defeated APR BBC 69-67 on Friday before walloping UR-CASS 127-47 on Sunday. Patriots BBC are ranked second on the log with eight points after playing four matches.

In other matches played over the weekend, Espoir BBC lost to IPRC Huye 53-34, IPRC Kigali thrashed Rusizi BBC 104-71, all played on Saturday while UGB BBC bounced back to register 96-64 over Rusizi BBC in another match played on Sunday.

Rusizi BBC are ranked third with six points while Espoir BBC, IPRC Kigali and UGB BBC are tied on five points; APR BBC and IPRC Huye are placed seventh and eighth with four points while UR BBC is placed bottom of the log with three points in three matches played so far.

In the women category, only one match was played with IPRC Huye defeating Ubumwe BBC 53-34 on Saturday.

IPRC Huye leads the women standings with four points after winning two matches while Ubumwe BBC and UR BBC have a point each.

BK Basketball National League

Friday, Match Day Six Results



APR BBC 67-69 Patriots BBC

Saturday, Match Day 7 Results


Ubumwe BBC 34-53 IPRC Huye


Espoir BBC 62-53 IPRC Huye

IPRC Kigali 104-71 Rusizi BBC


Sunday, Match Day 8 Results


UGB BBC 96-64 Rusizi BBC


Patriots BBC 127-47 UR BBC

Men’s Rankings

Team                                PG      W/L/D         Pts

1. REG BBC                       5        5/0/0           10

2. Patriots BBC                  4        4/0/0           8

3. Rusizi BBC                     5        1/3/1           6

4. Espoir BBC                    3        2/1/0           5

5. IPRC Kigali                    3        2/1/0           5

6. UGB                              4        1/3/0           5

7. APR BBC                        3        1/2/0           4

8. IPRC Huye                     4        0/3/1           4

9. UR BBC                         3        0/3/0           3

 Women’s Rankings

Team                      PG      W/L/D         Pts

1. IPRC Huye           2        2/0/0           4

2. Ubumwe BBC      1        0/1/0           1

3. UR BBC               1        0/1/0           1

4. APR BBC              0        0/0/0           0

5. Regina Pacis        0        0/0/0           0

6. The Hoops BBC    0        0/0/0           0