Rwanda’s Attorney General Reacts to the Acquittal of the Rwigaras

Diane Rwigara after acquittal

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General Jonhston Busingye has responded to the acquittal of Diane Rwigara and her mother Mukangemanyi Rwigara on Thursday.

In a statement Minister Busingye said, “The Government respects the court’s verdict on the case of Diane Rwigara and Adeline Rwigara and will carefully study its implications”.

In a clear aim at the perceived interference from outside, the statement goes on to say, “We condemn all attempts by external actors to inappropriately influence judicial processes in Rwanda. We will continue to vigorously enforce our laws on electoral integrity, public safety, and respect for the judiciary.”

Diane Rwigara and her mother Mukangemanyi Rwigara were arrested September 2017 for allegedly inciting insurrection, sectarianism and forging electoral documents.

In October 2018, the High court ordered them released on bail having ruled that there was no reason for keeping them in detention.

The prosecution had asked for a jail term of twenty-two years.



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